3 Easy Ways To Charm Anyone

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Theo Von’s charisma is quite refreshing as it's not flashy. He doesn’t have to scream, say ridiculous statements, or do strange gestures.
He’s the antithesis of the dancing monkey; cool, calm, collected and charming.
Today I want to touch upon 3 points so we can understand Theo’s charisma and implement his tricks to better our social skills.
0:50 - Point #1: Isn’t An Over The Top Attention Grabber
2:45 - Point #2: Active Listening
6:20 - Point #3: Non-Judgemental Authenticity
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DieEneJongens 5 өдрийн өмнө
IT is hart to use this stuf i have to translate iT to my leanguge
Matthew Dev
Matthew Dev Сарын өмнө
This guy was great on PKA (Pain Killer Already). Where my RSK's at?
Susan Parker
Susan Parker Сарын өмнө
You need to specify the context for the type of charisma and charm this video exemplifies. In the entertainment field or casual social contexts, Theo would get a laugh with his antics. In many other business and education contexts, his over-the-top comments would garner silence, and he might even been called in to HR for sensitivity training.
BusyBee262 3 сарын өмнө
So excited to learn about your Arabic channel. I'm learning Arabic and looking for interesting content to practice with.
Brandon Bernhardt
Brandon Bernhardt 3 сарын өмнө
1:00 the infamous shroom stand up. After Joey Diaz podcast
Ocean Deyy
Ocean Deyy 3 сарын өмнө
Instructions unclear now I have a case
Rich 4 сарын өмнө
I’m guessing people are listening because he’s sitting 10’ in the air in a bar that people paid to be there and listen to him!!!
unCrowned 4 сарын өмнө
I dunno about the first one, maybe I just hate it when my friend does it to me. like whenever he wanna tell me something, he opens up with a baity sentence to make me ask him to continue...freal it's such a pet peeve.. I would just leave him on read and comeback to him later.
Barb Q
Barb Q 4 сарын өмнө
Love seeing Jordan P laughing and having a good time!
Yvette Kennedy
Yvette Kennedy 5 сарын өмнө
I love Theo Von!! ❤️
kripto currency
kripto currency 5 сарын өмнө
avery jacobs
avery jacobs 5 сарын өмнө
As I'm watching this video I'm just thinking to myself like wow I do all of this. That's why I don't have too many enemies, it's hard to hate me!
Jordan 5 сарын өмнө
Is that mac Miller 1:04? Lol
Randy Eckardt
Randy Eckardt 5 сарын өмнө
I think he said, "I didn't want to be." Not, I didn't want it to.
The Chumps been dumped.
The Chumps been dumped. 5 сарын өмнө
To be fair, a bunch of shiny bottle tops is all you need to get Brendan’s attention, or better still a laser pointer.
H D 5 сарын өмнө
How come this channel has no video on Norm Macdonald?
Sanjay 5 сарын өмнө
Most underrated man in the LA.
Arisen Music
Arisen Music 5 сарын өмнө
Lol @ THE Description: "He doesn’t have to scream, say ridiculous statements, or do strange gestures." First clip is of him half naked doing a wrestling promo calling himself "the fonz with the bronze."
Mark Me
Mark Me 5 сарын өмнө
Learn to be charming. Act like this guy. Genius.
Paul Froelich
Paul Froelich 5 сарын өмнө
Learned that Yes And thing from Adam Carolla.
Paul Froelich
Paul Froelich 5 сарын өмнө
Gang gang
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 6 сарын өмнө
Theo Von is one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever listened to. His earlier shows on his podcast were down right emotionally enlightening, plus the guy is a mental image setting genius. Von deserves Rogan status.
Brian Frost
Brian Frost 6 сарын өмнө
I've watched alot of your videos.. this one is probably the first time i've been able to confidently say i already have a tendency to do these things 😊
zzz ///
zzz /// 6 сарын өмнө
when is he gonna' butter kats muffin...sick thurty tommorow. not six thirty tomorrow. sick/six...either ya get it, or ya don't!
BoriquaAteo 6 сарын өмнө
Carl Jung be proud
Hawkfandan 6 сарын өмнө
nyuki187 6 сарын өмнө
We must and should judge. Judge the crap out of people and judge ourselves. being a hypocrite doesn't mean you shouldn't judge because you can't live up to your own standards, it's when you judge but make an exception for yourself. Not judging is removing the standard. I disagree with you with CoC.
L0S Gam3
L0S Gam3 6 сарын өмнө
This is Deep.
Hiroko Morioka
Hiroko Morioka 6 сарын өмнө
Listen more than talk. Cliche.
Jackson Eglise
Jackson Eglise 6 сарын өмнө
Commentator, with speach style management you might not want to choke your vowels with the last word at any pause when dropping to a lower tone at the end of that phrase. Valley girlish
Daryl Richardson
Daryl Richardson 6 сарын өмнө
I've got a pessimistic friend & I hug him & tell him that I love him, EVERY time that I see him. Oh how he fights, but now we can have fun He needs LOVE. He was abandoned at a Fire Station, at the ripe old age of 3. His childhood was A PURE HELL & I really do feel sorry for his plight in life
zhou sei
zhou sei 6 сарын өмнө
that crooked smile in the thumbnail is NOT charming.
Rick Hernandez
Rick Hernandez 6 сарын өмнө
Tom Brady's little brother?
Rick Hernandez
Rick Hernandez 6 сарын өмнө
..... Charisma question...
ViGiL Que
ViGiL Que 6 сарын өмнө
Someone asking you questions does not mean they are listening to the answers. People interrupt answers to their questions all the time.
TJ Herrington
TJ Herrington 6 сарын өмнө
Brene Brown's book "Daring Greatly" changed how I deal with building trust, authenticity and expressing and building stronger connections through vulnerability.
Rissyxo 6 сарын өмнө
Idk why he reminds of of the young Kevin bacon
Rissyxo 6 сарын өмнө
Palmer Organic Farms
Palmer Organic Farms 6 сарын өмнө
You talk tooooooo.... MUCH....
Mindset With Josh
Mindset With Josh 6 сарын өмнө
Most important: just be unapologetically yourself. That's what Theo does. He's not afraid to be his authentic self with others, even if his jokes don't get a laugh. Do you!
Miss Direction
Miss Direction 6 сарын өмнө
Creepy AF dude wth
andrewdaileychufable 6 сарын өмнө
#1 shave your mullet.
Gwai Wohng
Gwai Wohng 6 сарын өмнө
5:40 he said, "I didn't want to be"
Alicia Yang
Alicia Yang 6 сарын өмнө
Very good analysis. Love this guy!
lindz151074 7 сарын өмнө
What's with the random celebrity montages?
monicas madhouse
monicas madhouse 7 сарын өмнө
great info
Fc channel
Fc channel 7 сарын өмнө
ive learn by shutting up you can learn alot
Michael Sgambati
Michael Sgambati 7 сарын өмнө
Please do a video of how Brendan Schaub comes off as a try-hard and why.
Juan C. Iracheta
Juan C. Iracheta 8 сарын өмнө
A squeezy handshake lmfao
Natty B
Natty B 8 сарын өмнө
5:15 I burst out laughing and couldn't stop for 2 minutes. Theo is the man.
Max Schmermbeck
Max Schmermbeck 8 сарын өмнө
Yeah but it also helps if you're incredibly funny.
Justin Gifford
Justin Gifford 8 сарын өмнө
He had tomi lahren drippin in her chair, dark arts boy.
Joe Compton
Joe Compton 8 сарын өмнө
Another infomercial 😡😡😡
Jimmie Parker
Jimmie Parker 9 сарын өмнө
Ok im not seeing it....maybe u have a crush on theo sir...😌
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 9 сарын өмнө
2:08 I tried following this and I realized how much my friends don’t listen seeing as I’ve barley said anything for the past 2 weeks. Very cool thank you
tropical candyland
tropical candyland 9 сарын өмнө
He looks like Matt Damon
Willie Haller
Willie Haller 10 сарын өмнө
"Authenticity. Once you can fake that you're unstoppable"; Alan Shore
Tim Berecek
Tim Berecek 10 сарын өмнө
The mullet is back wether we like it or not
Schramer Hammer
Schramer Hammer 10 сарын өмнө
Wasn’t he on The Real World?
Time for change -
Time for change - 10 сарын өмнө
Annoying that you describe every step . Takes from the humor of clips
Andrew Homiak
Andrew Homiak 10 сарын өмнө
Nah nah. This dude is wrong. I know Theo and that’s just how he is. He’s a story teller and somehow lived a weird life and has tons of experiences. It’s just how he tells the story...
Lizzy Tommy
Lizzy Tommy 10 сарын өмнө
I love him :)
Stefanie Faith
Stefanie Faith 10 сарын өмнө
Would you do a video on Matthew Hussy? And also one on Ryan Blare
YodaEconomics 10 сарын өмнө
"Lookin for the lawd brother what did you think I was doing?"
Daniel Park
Daniel Park 11 сарын өмнө
If Tom Brady grew a mullet and decided to be a comedian
Spencer Young
Spencer Young 11 сарын өмнө
All those roids when he was young bruh
Samuel Bulletproof
Samuel Bulletproof 11 сарын өмнө
Of course he's charming! Have you seen his mullet !!?
Levi Short
Levi Short 11 сарын өмнө
Uhhhh, yes and is actually an episode from bojack horseman... do some research
James 11 сарын өмнө
Joey Diaz!!
Business Manager
Business Manager 11 сарын өмнө
1: He isn't an over the top attention grabber 2: He's an active listener 3: He's authentic
g g
g g 7 сарын өмнө
The bassplayer
The bassplayer 11 сарын өмнө
you aren't a good teacher
Ricardo Zende Kambinda
Ricardo Zende Kambinda 11 сарын өмнө
Please make a video about James Spader as Red Reddington in the Blacklist.
Z N 11 сарын өмнө
I thought that was Matt Damon
FEAR NO BEER Жилийн өмнө
So Basically I have to give up Beers...I'm out.
Joshua Lalrinzuala
Joshua Lalrinzuala Жилийн өмнө
Do a video on norm mcdonald
Jazzbuh Жилийн өмнө
His off the cuff skills are off the charts.
Zach Жилийн өмнө
Steps to be funny and charming: 1. be attractive End of list.
Lancet Fencing
Lancet Fencing Жилийн өмнө
First thing... be good looking period
Houston Hughey
Houston Hughey Жилийн өмнө
Gang Gang baby! RAT KING for the win 🙌🏼🤘🏽
vwr32jeep Жилийн өмнө
I don’t find it charming or charismatic when ppl talk to me in click bait.
Martin Kolm
Martin Kolm Жилийн өмнө
B.E. Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F.!!
whats my name?
whats my name? Жилийн өмнө
Looking for the Lord
ambient wizardry
ambient wizardry Жилийн өмнө
As much as you try to recreate and break this down, you cant do what theo does cause thats theo mane
Henry The Ninja
Henry The Ninja Жилийн өмнө
I can’t stand the mullet
The Cosmic Nemesis
The Cosmic Nemesis Жилийн өмнө
Don't disrespect the rat king
Emma H
Emma H Жилийн өмнө
You have to have the lord running through your veins lmao
Part 2
Part 2 Жилийн өмнө
grabbed his attention by being vague??or by seeing a picture of Theo in the Vegas desert, standing next to a little black kid, wearing tribal garb and war paint..
David Cooke
David Cooke Жилийн өмнө
tl;dr 30 seconds of content crammed into 11 minutes of video. I dunno how he does it.
Lambie & Bellybutton
Lambie & Bellybutton Жилийн өмнө
I would love, love, love it if you would give the names of the movies when you use clips. I don’t recognize some of them but am intrigued and would surely watch some of them based off of the clips you use. Keep up the great work. I just found and subscribed to your channel and am currently obsessed!
Squanch Wanch
Squanch Wanch Жилийн өмнө
This charming man is about theo von
mad max
mad max Жилийн өмнө
7:54 People really need to listen to this everyday! Would certainly make the world a better place.
Joseph Amaral
Joseph Amaral Жилийн өмнө
why is theo von in the title?
RC TAZ Жилийн өмнө
Its natural. You cant try and be natural its obviously has to come naturally. But to move forward and better yourself is cool bruh
Jack Fahy
Jack Fahy Жилийн өмнө
"Anyone here from the south ? Hell ya baby second place in the civil war" his best joke in my opinion
Alexander Жилийн өмнө
He’s charismatic?
Kevin Speight
Kevin Speight Жилийн өмнө
OMG guy... let it be!?!? Get ur own life u FREAK!!!! Of Course I'm talking to the Commentator of this video....
R M Жилийн өмнө
1. timbre 2. drawl 3. patience 4. humility 5. rhyming slang 6. dark arts
Drake Docson
Drake Docson Жилийн өмнө
Theo Von is funny as hell.
hcn Жилийн өмнө
This could also be titled How to be hot
Um Bongo
Um Bongo Жилийн өмнө
Can you do a video about how learning about these things can affect how honest a conversation style can be?
J S Жилийн өмнө
I love listening Theo but I didn't know why, this makes more sense thanks
RiffRaff34 Жилийн өмнө
is that tom brady?
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